what is love?

Love can be crazy, unexplainable and sometimes unforgiving in its relentless pursuit to grab hold of your heart and squeeze until you’re sure you can’t take one more moment of pain; but at the end of the day, when the turmoil, the madness and the passion fades, you’re left facing only the reflection of yourself in the mirror. When you get down to the Heart of the Matter, it really is all about forgiveness.

Forgiving others for being careless with your heart…forgiving yourself for the mistakes you’ve made…forgiving the past for its unrelenting need to drag you into a future without the person who once stood by your side. It’s all about forgiveness, and the ability to let go of those that are no longer there. Despite the blows to the pride and the blows to the heart and the very human need to shield yourself from even one second of pain…the pain reminds you that you’re real, and it reminds you that it’s time to move on and to let go of the something or the someone that no longer needs you. It is time to surrender yourself, make peace, and let go. Their part in the story is through…the curtain has closed.. but when you look closer, you will see that underneath it all is a glimmer of hope, and love, and truth and happiness…just waiting to be discovered. As much as they might have hurt you, they also helped you, by showing you how strong you REALLY are. Thank them. Thank them for changing you, strengthening you, showing you the way…even if they didn’t stay. Thank all those people who have come and gone, have let you down and have hurt your pride for they are the ones who have shown you the true meaning of love, friendship and trust. When you can thank someone for the experience and what it has taught you, that is true forgiveness.

So i wanna say thank you for showing me what love is and what it feel like to be have your heart beating 100 km/hr every moment spent with you. I will always love you and if its true, we will find each other again in time.

take care

xox s.s

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