An english assignment turned awry..


This picture was taken not too long ago and still to this day a picture I constantly look at. I stare for countless hours and reminisce, filtering through our memories in chronological order from every laugh, tear, hug and kiss. This picture is a time stamp of when I fell irrevocably head over heels in love. To be honest I still am in love with this person, even though we parted ways eight months ago. Moreover, this was a defining moment in my life because in that moment in time I had everything a girl could ever dream of. A companion, listener, bodyguard, lover and a true friend; these are mere words that will never surpass what he still means to me. Our relationship was short-lived and the days we’ve spent side by side and countries apart flew by faster than the speed of light. Why is this person so important to me you ask? He showed me what love is and the power of raw emotion; he showed me that a person like me scarred and out of place could be loved. I always had the initial impression that I will always be incapable of love and being loved because I didn’t deserve that affection from anyone. I guess growing up with a lack of affection made me feel this way and in turn I felt I deserved nothing more. He loved me unconditionally, through my best and worst, more importantly my flaws – and believe me there are many. This put me in a constant state of giving because no act can ever repay him for his love. Now it is just time that keeps us apart; and, if it is true love, we will find each other once more in time. Until that time comes, I will be waiting.

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