Broken like a doll beyond repair
Limbs hanging, missing pieces; incomplete.
Messy hair, smeared makeup in despair
Staring into the abyss in the window seat.

Imperfect, shattered and obsolete
With tears streaming like a calm river.
Overflowing thoughts but nothing concrete
A gander into my darknesss will make one quiver.

We fight for equality but nothing is ever fair
Left helpless in this selfish place.
Kindness in this world seems so rare
But one must always act with grace.

The reason being is that you are a woman
Looked upon with a double standard of course.
But treated as if you’re less than human
With no voice, no choice and no remorse.

Aspirations diminished with restrictions
Minimalized like our self worth.
Suffocating with the endless constrictions
Trying to find a meaning in our birth.

Repairing the shattered fragments with adhesive
Has no use with unless words are spoken.
Even if the pieces were cohesive
The doll will always be broken.

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