Can’t Hide Love

I found the warmest feeling outside in a crowded parking lot
And every moment after that has never been bleek.
In moments my feelings were caught
Cause he brought the one thing I seek.

Endless chats till wee hours of the night
Yet never running out of topics.
Its as if I boarded a flight
High as the clouds on narcotics.
Express trip to happiness
Pulled out of the pit of darkness.

Every moment spent together is never  enough
With every breath taken away by his soft lips
Counting down the days to see him again are tough
Relishing in thought of moving in unison with his hips.

I can’t stop smiling when you’re around me
Just the mere thought of you makes me grin.
Your voice is soothing like a hot cup of tea
Loving me endlessly even with my double chin.

It’s unfathomable how we are too alike
It’s like we are two people but one soul.
Whenever I have doubts I tell them to take a hike
You always give me support like a shoe with a sole.

My state of mind is never clear at home
But when im with you its like breathing fresh mountain air.
Like the city of love, Rome
We are a dynamic pair.

Your personality is by far your best attribute
With brown eyes I can get lost in.
The whole package with nothing else to contribute
Your very essence brings goosebumps to my skin.

You see me through my flaws and follies
Everything I could ask for n’ all of the above.
Indescribable happiness like I popped molly’s
I guess that’s what happens when you have true love.

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