They say family is forever
Do or die through thick or thin.
But never have I ever
Said that with a grin.

Blood is thicker than water
But I don’t know if they would shed blood to save me.
I know I would I am their sister; daughter
But I guess we aren’t a real family you see.

Six strangers put together called family
In competition with no support.
Having snake movements like they were top agents from Langley
Never come through always abort.

Everybody sees fakes smiles and unity
But all it really is, is anger jealousy and discontent.
Actions, reactions based on the views of the community
Traditional views displaced from a brown descent.

Conforming as a women in the 70s but living in the 21st Century
Prisoner in my own home with no sense of privacy.
Living out a lifesentence in a state penitentiary
All that is left is no soul and this vacancy.

Family can’t be changed or exchanged
If I could I know a name or two to be fitting.
The only feelings that exist are estranged
And being wrong is the only thing they have a problem admitting.

I guess I got a shitty hand dealt
And the only possible solution is to learn.
Show them emotions they never felt
Through the love they havent earn’d.

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