No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I feel,
If only my brain would stop for a second and I can take the wheel.

Stability is what I lack the most ,
Its like Im drifting like a ghost.

My head is pounding like someone dropped a hammer,
All I can do is curse and say is damn her.

Being alone in my inner sanctuary,
Is like laying in the mortuary.

Abusing and hitting things bring me the pain for those things I cannot feel.
It just makes everything more real.

I just want to stay afloat in the ocean
And disappear with its motion.



I just feel stuck like super glue
Its like a never ending flu.

I feel frozen on thin ice
Drowning with any movement no dice.

My head is spinning like a psyclone
No where to go not even my home.

Its a numbing sensation at the point
All I want to do is roll up a joint.

I have a roof over my head but feel homeless,
Never thought I could be striped and labelled worthless.

Drowning in my own tears
which seem significant to my fears.

I just want to make it silent
How can I do so without making it violent?