What IF

I had an unnerving feeling and if I said something maybe the outcome would have been different

Maybe if I showed jealousy and insecurity like most girls maybe you would have felt more secure.

What if I didn’t share all my baggage; maybe you wouldn’t have felt the need to feel alone

So where do we go from here, do we start over; end things or forgive n forget

Do we miss out on a future that could’ve been golden for one mistake

But what if it was an unforgivable mistake that I know wouldn’t be forgiven if the roles were reverse

Maybe sometimes forgiveness is made in good faith and it will transpire into greatness in the future

Thats what I am hopeful for.. that what if

And you bring great promise for that what if..



Reminicing on my life from the past couple of years and looking back at situations I could’ve handled better. As well as friendships and relationships I wish I didnt give up on and all I can say is sorry I let you slip away. These are not just ordinary people; but, people that made a difference and made you see the world through a different scope. People that taught you the most about yourself, how to love, trust, grow; invested time in helping you find your self identity. Those people will always stay in your heart, regardless whether they aren’t their physically. Maybe that was their role, teach us something about ourselves but act as a passing cloud. Nonetheless, these clouds are never forgotten because not only did they let shine through they remained heavily in presence when times were rough. Im grateful for the chance to meet such extraordinary people.